Wil did a nice write up of the Sup app. Add me @benbowler.


Ben stumbled across this app earlier this week.

Built by a member of the team behind Kevin Rose’s Stamped (Marissa Mayer’s first acquisition at Yahoo), Sup is an intriguing combination of live streaming and the viral social apps everyone seems to be building at the moment.

"Supping someone is asking for them to share their camera for 10 seconds, so you can jump into their eyes. And it’s all interactive: swipe right and tell your friend to move right, swipe up and tell them to move forward. You can even ask for a live selfie.

"Nothing is saved, it’s super fast and you’re always surprised at what you see. Check it out!"

Download Sup here, read about why they did what they did here and don’t forget to drop co-founder and CEO Bart Stein an SMS if you enjoy! 

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More festivals and events are utilising live streaming, which in itself is a great opportunity. A recent Chase and Status gig at the O2 in front of 20,000 was live streamed to another 21,896 online. It doubled the reach for Chase and Status however the real winner was Beats by Dre that sponsored the live stream. Every user saw a pre-roll, the branded player and had the ability to click through to the brands website. Looking beyond the event itself, it’s also extremely important to consider the Chase & Status archives have been viewed over half a million times (605K) on YouTube, a fantastic longevity for the live stream content, the brand association as well as the moment itself.
— In an article entitled How brands can avoid the post festival comedown there’s a great mention of the impact of live streaming as part of a brand marketing effort.
Sticker via #spaceforcycling

Sticker via #spaceforcycling

Off to a BBQ!

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Friends & Family : Massl - NuVisionz (Karlsruhe, GER) #5 by Outlook Festival on Mixcloud

It’s been a while since I posted up some dnb. Here’s a deep rolling mix from Massl.

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Audio Fingerprinting

Considering upcoming features in Chew I’ve seen some really interesting uses of audio fingerprinting in the last few months. Take a look.

The most recent was this audio recognition box for clubs called GTI. The box is being pitched to GEMA the German equivalent to PRS or ASCAP/BMI in the US. The idea is to use the data to split revenue more fairly between artists signed up to the rights body.


While the GTI box is a real out of site use for fingerprinting tech the complete other end of the spectrum is covered by the London based collective WeMakeAwesomeShit who earlier in the year released their app developed for Tenie Tempah to showcase his new album.

At a Music Tech meetup recently it was described in detail how they developed a fingerprinting technique for the albums tracks that could detect the position and sync video to the point in the track locally on the phone.